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Project Logistics

Out of Gauge Cargo Heavy Load Transport

Melsa Out of Gauge Cargo Transport

Project transportation; is a large-scale Logistics service that covers various activities for the transportation of materials required for the construction of energy and chemical plants.

As Melsa, we haul overweight and oversize materials manufactured in Turkey or anywhere around the world from one location to another through presentment such services.

Services of execution of transportation procedures at the place of loading, issue of documentation, feasibility studies, arrangement of license and permits, conduct of coordination with the authorities with regard to improvement of transport routes, conduct of transportation and execution of unloading at the place of destination are provided for our customers within the scope of our services.

Melsa Transport aims to provide continuous customer satisfaction with its quality and reliability while providing its customers with reduced risk, lower budget and more optimized logistics services with its project transportation service.

Heavy and Out of Gauge Cargo Transport

As one of the most common heavy cargo transportation methods among the logistics implementations, out of gauge transport is defined as an approach planned in consideration of strategic factors. Enabling the transportation of quantitatively and qualitatively increased loads in shorter periods in comparison to classical freight methods, out of gauge transport focuses on the utilization of special equipment and systems where vehicles such as trailer trucks and trucks fail to suffice. The logistics efficiency is aimed to be maximized via the utilization of various vehicles within the scope of opportunities such road and maritime transportation depending on the loads to be carried at this point.

What are the Vehicles Used in Out of Gauge Cargo Transport?

Vehicles used in out of gauge cargo transport are determined according to the type and nature of the work. However, it would not be wrong to say that systems beyond conventional road transport vehicles such as trucks or lorries are utilized within the context of out of gauge transport. In this regard, semi-trailer vehicles of high flexibility provide improved functionality options for the transport of heavy cargo imposing increased logistics expenses. Moreover, vehicles such as low-bed trailers particularly preferred in the transportation of units such as automobiles or containers stand out amongst the frequently preferred methods within the scope of out of gauge transport. Where such options fail to suffice, integrated transport methods can be implemented. In cases of heavy cargo and overseas distances, out of gauge transport provides assistance in achieving maximum efficiency in terms of price performance through the utilization of means of maritime logistics.

Methods Utilized in Heavy Cargo Transport

The systems utilized in heavy cargo transport or in other words; out of gauge cargo transport, significantly differ from those used in conventional logistics methods. Number of calculations and analyses are carried out towards the identification of vehicles enabling the transportation of loads in the most efficient manner within the context of out of gauge transport. As per the analyses to be conducted, details such as unit and weight along with the geographical factors are taken into consideration with regard to the transportation to the destination in the most efficient manner. The suitable vehicles and the routes of transport that enable the transportation to the destination in the most efficient manner are determined with the calculations carried out afterwards. Thus, the utilization of out of gauge transport methodology and holistic logistic approaches enable focusing on the selection of the most efficient methods in terms of time and cost.

Why is Out of Gauge Transport an Advantageous Logistics Method?

First of all, out of gauge transport is defined as a system that enables the transportation of quite challenging heavy loads by means of cost-oriented and effective methods. It would be worth mentioning that conventional methods constitute quite the challenge for companies in terms of the cost factor especially with regard to the challenging logistics processes. Considering the price constraint of conventional logistics methods, it can be said that out of gauge transportation methods focusing on the utilization of innovative technologies and vehicles are more advantageous in terms of both cost and efficiency. Apart from the challenge of expenses, it would not be wrong to say that out of gauge heavy cargo transportation bears advantages such as energy efficiency and minimization of the physical power requirement in the transportation processes.

Out of Gauge & Heavy Cargo Carriers

Heavy cargo carriers differ from the businesses such as freight companies that transport by conventional means. In terms of both methodology and the quality of vehicles used, out of gauge carriers focus on the utilization of extensively comprehensive technologies. It should be noted in the light of such information that the respective carriers are preferred throughout the challenging transfer of cargo requiring comprehensive logistics approaches. Along with the capacity to execute project based transportation, heavy cargo carriers also conduct logistic activities between remote locations.

Our Vision

Is to become an integral part of all individual, commercial and financial plans that would lead the Republic of Turkey to success in the heavy load freight industry.

As Melsa, our business principle of providing the best of services to our stakeholders and clients trusting us in all areas in which we operate by prioritizing work ethics constitutes the building blocks of our vision.

Our Mission

We are establishing a lifelong partnership that is satisfaction oriented and destined to succeed through the acknowledgment of customer requirements and delivery of the most precise solution for them.

We provide significant service cost advantages for our customers and business partners in every area we operate.

We transcend the vicissitudes of global logistics with creative and innovative solutions.

Project Logistics

Heavy Load Transport

We provide services accompanied with state-of-the-art technologies to prominent companies of our country in Import - Export Project Transportation - Out of Gauge Cargo Transport throughout Europe, Middle East and Turkic Republics and Communities with our strong network of agencies.


Specific Sector Solutions

As Melsa Transport, we provide services to prominent companies of our country in the field of Construction, Iron & Steel, Oil, Energy, Maritime and Aviation


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